Burde-Monroe Collection
Ritual Stand

1. Ritual Stand

This terra-cotta stand for holding a sacrificial vessel reportedly was collected in 1912 near the confluence of the Benue and Niger Rivers.


2. Egungun Headdress

Among the Yoruba , the dead are believed to influence the fortunes of their descendants. Egungun masqueraders honor the spirit of the ancestors.

This helmet mask is of substantial age and probably comes form the northwestern Yorubas.

3. Ritual Figure (Not Pictured)

This rare figure with elongated horns and Janus features represent an Ishan ancestral spirit. Its date of collection is reportedly 1912. Probable age is 100 years.

Ritutal Stand

4. Elder's Staff with Figure

The staff with carved geometric design is crowned with a male figure in bent posture. Collected during 1912 expedition. Probable attribution is Ishan.

5. Mask with Raffia and Sacred Cloth.

This horned mask of Igalla has considerable age and at least two layers of paint. It was used to increase success in hunting and was carved from a sacred tree, oli ina.

Ritual cloth between the horns tied human acts to the world of spirits and animals. The raffia shows signs of ritual use which increases its significance. Igalla masks are some of the rarest of the western African art.

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