Burde-Monroe Collection

11. Egungun Mask with Crest

This unique old Egungun mask was most likely used in the context of social criticism plays.
Mask with Pronounced Forehead and Nose

12. Mask with Pronounced Forehead and Nose

This rare and important Bini mask was used in the Ekpo festival propitiating gods in search of good fortune for the community.


13. Mask, Igalla

This large zoomorphic mask is very old and well-used. It was worn to aid hunters in their pursuits.


14. Rare Ijo or Ijaw Mask

(With superstructure ­ wood, bluish pigments, and feather inserts.)

Ijo headdresses and masks are some of the rarest in the whole of Africa. They are used as water spirit masks, prior to the rainy season. The geometry of these masks influenced Western cubism.


15. Standing Female Figure with European Influence

This distinctly carved figure depicts breasts as part of the shoulder volume. The organic nature of the work has traditional importance. The figure is an excellent example of the western influence on traditional African interpretation.

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