Burde-Monroe Collection

27. Open Drum/Vessel

This drum is in the form of a human figure with a natural bend to the body.


M1. Ashanti Brass Bowl for gold powder with ladder design

The major state of Shanti was formed about 1700. The Ashanti nation quickly became a major force in West Africa and had an impact on Europe through its control of rich gold fields.

Probably under the influence of Islamic traders, the Ashanti developed a system of weights for measuring gold dust. Most of the weights are geometric in design and varied in size. They seem to have been systematically graduated, based on the abrus seed as a unit of measure.


M2. Ibo Marionette

There are conflicting reports concerning the use of these so-called marionettes. Most seem to have been used in dances and ceremonies.

Smaller figures are reported in use in conjunction with a bird headed mask of the Bambara people. The puppets would suddenly appear through the palm fibers of the masquerader's costume and speak in falsetto.


M3. Ritual Board with single figure­probably Ishan

Collected in Uromi, Nigeria, in 1912.


M4. Elder's Staff with handle in form of Edan. Yoruba. Brass and iron


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