Burde-Monroe Collection

M5. Walking Staff with kneeling female figure on handle. Wood, dark patina. attribution unknown

This piece, with M6, may have been associated with worship of the Yoruba deity Shango. Shango staffs are used in dances at the annual festival for the thunder god.


M6. Walking Staff with standing female figure. Wood, late Yoruba piece



M7. Terra-Cotta Pipe. Owo region, Nigeria



M8. Terra-Cotta Head painted in black, white and blue - Owo region, Nigeria, near the delta of the Niger River

Possibly funeral portraits. Surviving terra-cotta pieces from the region are rarely in good condition, because of the low firing temperature.


M10. Terra-Cotta Juju Figure with cowrie shells

Cowrie shells were a widespread medium of currency and trade.

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