Burde-Monroe Collection

6. Standing Female Figure

This hardwood figure with unknown provenance is reminiscent of the Aphrodite of ancient cultures.


7. Ritual Object–Iron

This is an iron work attributed to Yoruba and reportedly collected in 1917. It was used to suspend the sacrificial animals and magical substances on an altar.


8. Yam Pounding Vessel

This ritual vessel for pounding of yams is perhaps the most important example of its type in the United States. All of its sides are richly decorated in a high relief.

This vessel, which was reportedly collected in 1912-13, may be up to 50 years older than its collection date. Attribution is northern Yoruba.


9. Egungun Headdress

This figure represents a human head. This traditional sculpture of the ancestor masquerade of probably from the Egbade or Abeokuta areas.


10. Standing Female Figure

This hardwood figure is probably of Baule origin. The Baule are an emigrant group from the Ashanti area.

Baule figures seem to have their origin in ancestor portraits derived from the Ashanti who had a rich tradition of figurative sculpture in wood and terra-cotta.

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