Computer Science

Philosophy and Goals

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, CSIT, offers the most updated technology education to meet the needs of our students. We have small classes for individual attention.   This helps students to be ready to "invent the future" and redefine computing for the 21st century.  Our students are highly recruited and employed by companies worldwide.

The Limestone College faculty is well educated in many areas of computer science and information technology.

Our programs are designed to give students a solid grounding in both theoretical and practical topics in computer science and information technology.  We offer four concentrations: programming, information technology, computer and information systems security, and internet management.

Applications of computer science and information technology are found in many other areas of study, from art and music to business and science. Thus, interdisciplinary activities are encouraged. For those students whose primary interest is in another area, minors in computer science are offered.