Computer Science Programs & Degrees

Our program concentrations cover the key areas of Computer Science and Information Technology:

Computer and Information Systems Security
Information Technology
Internet Management - Database
Internet Management - E-Commerce
Internet Management - Web Development

Computer and Information Systems Security

Computer, information, and physical security are becoming more important at an exponential rate since the tragedies of September 11, 2001.  Because of these events and new threats, the necessity for computer and information systems security has moved to the forefront.  Web sites are being defaced, denial-of-service attacks increased, and credit card information being stolen; there is an increased sophistication of hacking tools that is openly available to the public, and increased damage is being caused to computer and information systems by today's viruses and worms.

For these reasons, private and public government agencies and institutions are demanding information technology workers educated and trained in the computer and information systems security field.  This concentration will prepare students for the rigors of such demands.  Furthermore, students will be prepared to take one or more of the following certification exams in order to become fully certified in their professional field:

  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  2. Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)
  3. International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS)
  4. Security Professional (CIW)
  5. CompTIA's Security

Information Technology

Professionals who work in today's technology arena need the skills to successfully manage information resources.  Whether the customers of an organization are internal or external, their needs must be met and, in most cases, the bulk of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of information technologists.  Students preparing for the "real world" need to know what is expected of them and how they can succeed.  Information technology is both strategic and tactical and requires strong skills in many areas.  The IT concentration focuses on the fundamental principles and practices necessary for practitioners to succeed in modern information-centric organizations. The student will explore how information systems are used in business, and, more importantly, how the role of information systems has grown as a result of the telecommunications revolution.  The concentration builds an unparalleled foundation for tomorrow's IT managers by providing meaningful examples of real projects and applying the lessons they teach to a sound framework in IT management.

Internet Management

The internet management major studies the technology of the Internet as an academic body of knowledge. The internet management major includes internet programming, internet web page design, internet graphic design, and both internet and intranet management.
The goals of the internet management majors are to produce graduates with both practical experience and an academic foundation for careers in Web management. The graduates of these majors will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of Internet concepts and technology.
  • demonstrate knowledge of network concepts and technology.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the history of technology as it has evolved into the business world and the personal lives of everyone.
  • demonstrate knowledge of legal issues concerning the Internet and technology.
  • demonstrate knowledge of the Internet as a marketing enterprise.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the creation of web pages.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the creation of interactive web pages for web site design.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the creation of web graphics.
  • demonstrate proficiency in the management of both Internet sites and intranet sites for a real-world environment.

Concentrations are in Database, E-Business, and Web Development.


The Computer Science and Information Technology Department at Limestone College offers a concentration in Programming for those students interested in a programming career.  The department provides the students with current programming tools that help them develop the skills necessary to succeed in graduate school as well as in their future professions.

The programming concentration also challenges students to think creatively and craft unique solutions to many programming problems.  Development of these skills will lead to greater success in a professional career or in an educational environment.  With small class sizes, dedicated instructors, and current technology, the CSIT Department at Limestone College will help students reach their full potential.

Limestone College also offers Computer Science minors in the following areas:

  • Computer Science Software Applications
  • Computer Science Internet Management
  • E-Business

To earn a degree at Limestone College, students must meet General Education Requirements. The General Education Requirements cover the basic areas of academic study which the College considers essential for a well educated person.

For the Baccalaureate Degree, the requirements include:

12 semester hours in Social Sciences
18 semester hours in Fine Arts and Humanities
13-14 semester hours in Natural Sciences and Mathematics
2 semester hours in Physical Education (not required for Extended Campus students)

Associate Degrees may be earned in:

Computer Science Information Technology

Computer Science Internet Management

Computer Science Programming