Criminal Justice

Philosophy and Goals

The program of Criminal Justice prepares students to enter the criminal justice field at entry and middle management levels. The program is an interdisciplinary study of the police, courts, and corrections withinLimestone College named top ten by for its national affordability rankings for online bachelor degrees in criminal justice political systems, with attention given to legal, social, managerial, and administrative issues. Students will learn both practical and theoretical applications to components of the criminal justice system, emphasizing the decision-making process and consequences inherent with legal and social influences. The curriculum is designed for students who are interested in starting careers and for those working professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills for career enhancement. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of each component of the criminal justice system, crime and behavioral theories of crime causation, managerial and administrative issues, and will have the opportunity for specialized study of individual topics. Classroom and Internet courses are available for students to complete their degrees.

Criminal Justice is an exciting and ever-changing field of study, with new information gained each day. Students will learn how and where to obtain this new information and how to incorporate it into existing knowledge and practices. New technology and techniques continually push the boundaries of information gathering in Criminal Justice and students will become conversant in these areas. Advanced students may have the opportunity to participate in research of specific topics with the opportunity to present that research at international and national professional meetings. Advanced students also have the opportunity to participate in a practicum with professional agencies.