Early Childhood Education

Specific Goals of the Early Childhood Education Program
With the realization that supporting diversity and cultural competence is essential in early childhood teacher preparation, the goals of the Early Childhood Program at Limestone College are:
• To provide prospective early childhood teachers to prepare young children for success. The NAEYC position statement on diversity proposes that early childhood educators be professionally prepared in the areas of language, culture, and diversity.
• To provide prospective early childhood teachers with an educational foundation to develop an awareness and functional understanding of the methods and content of \ the early childhood field
• To provide prospective early childhood teachers with effective models to acquire valuable professional knowledge and skills.
• To prepare teachers to utilize research to develop academic content that is appropriate for early educational practice focused on the developmental trajectories of children within their cultural contexts.
• To provide opportunities for inquiry based learning with students completing action research during field experiences. Students will collect data on young children, analyze results, and communicate through various mediums what was learned from the research.

Limestone College Early Childhood Program
• Level of Degree: B.A. in Early Childhood Education
• Add-on Early Childhood Certificate available for Teachers
• Complete Field Experiences in diverse settings
• Gain experience, practice, and training working with individuals and small groups of children
• Emphasis on teacher candidates understanding the relationship between early experience and subsequent development
• Opportunities provided to build relationships with families and learn the significance of valuing and supporting families
• Practice Inquiry based learning with action research during field experiences
• Close student-faculty relationships