English Programs & Degrees

Limestone College offers three degree programs for majors in English: a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Bachelor of Arts in English/Theatre, and a Bachelor of Arts with teacher certification. A major with teacher certification meets the South Carolina standards for certification and requires forty-eight semester hours in English courses. A major without certification requires thirty-three semester hours in mid and upper level courses in addition to three to six hours in composition. A major in English/Theatre requires fifty-one semester hours. The English Department also offers a minor consisting of eighteen semester hours in mid and upper level courses, and an optional concentration in writing. The curriculum in English includes a wide variety of courses in language and literature covering the whole spectrum of British and American literature, continental European, and contemporary non-Western literature, as well as courses in professional and creative writing. Limestone's English curriculum is designed to satisfy the needs and interests of every undergraduate student.

Additional opportunities for English students include courses in Theatre Arts and experience in all aspects of play production. Students may also choose to complete a minor in Theatre Arts.