Welcome to the Department of History at Limestone College!

I am pleased to welcome you to the Department of History at Limestone College.

Limestone College requires students to take at least two history courses in the general education curriculum in order to graduate. Of course, learning about the past is important in and of itself. For example, trying to make sense of the present is hard to do without some knowledge of history. However, exposure to the historical discipline also helps sharpen reading, writing and critical thinking skills. Such skills are not just important for college, but for life.

Our majors take a variety of American and non-American history courses during their college careers, including a two semester capstone experience (History Research Seminar and History Research Project). Their experiences at Limestone have helped many find employment  after they have graduated. Our departmental alumni have also been admitted to law school and graduate school.

Come visit the Department of History if you plan to come to Limestone. We are housed in the recently renovated Winnie Davis Hall of History, dubbed the "Jewel of the Limestone Campus."


Dr. Jonathan D. Sarnoff

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of History