Baccalaureate Degree

Many new professional opportunities require college preparation of a broad and extensive scope. Such preparation is not always possible within the curriculum guidelines of a major. An opportunity to design an academic program appropriate to a student's special career or professional goal is provided in the Limestone College Liberal Studies Program. This program may be particularly helpful for the student who is preparing for professional or specialized graduate school.

A student pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree in Liberal Studies must successfully complete a minimum of 123 semester hours, including the Verbal and Quantitative Skills Requirements, the General Education Requirements, the Assessment Examinations, and the Application for Degree form.

The Liberal Studies Program permits a student to design a program utilizing any of the courses listed in this catalog. A minimum of 24 semester hours must be earned in 200-level courses or above and 18 semester hours at the course level of 300 or above, involving at least two academic divisions. The program must be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who is the program coordinator for Liberal Studies.

To be awarded the Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies, the student must have earned a minimum of 15 credits in the natural science and/or the professional studies division at the course level of 200 or above. This major requires 6 hours of Writing Intensive Courses beyond those required within General Education.