Mrs. Judith Brigman

Mrs. Judith B. Brigman                                  
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics for ECC, Florence Sitemathphoto


  • B.A., Columbia College
  • M.A.T. in Mathematics, Duke University

Particular Mathematical Interests

  • Statistics
  • Algebra

Courses fall 2014

  • MA 092 Developmental Mathematics
  • MA 093 Developmental Algebra
  • MA 110 Liberal Arts Mathematics
  • MA 116 Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics, and Social Science
  • MA 200 Elementary Statistics

Personal Interests

  • Family- My husband (Charles), who is retired from the State Department of Education, is a full-time farmer. We have one daughter who is a family medicine doctor. My son-in -law is a computer technician.
  • Hobbies- Besides participating in activities sponsored by the SC Farm Bureau Women's Leadership Committee, I enjoy these activities: being with my family, going to the gym, volunteering for McLeod Regional Medical Center, listening to Beach Music, and collecting healthy, tasty recipes.