The purpose of the Mathematics Online Learning Experience (MOLE) is to provide tutorial services to students enrolled in select mathematics and substantially quantitative courses offered by the College, in particular, to Extended Campus students.

The online tutor's responsibility is to:

  • Help clarify the mathematical concepts within the problem.
  • Help you understand the problem, and its relationship to other mathematics.
  • Teach you how to solve the problem and give you the tools you need to succeed in your class.
  • Provide assistance, but NOT doing your homework for you.
  • Respond within 2 business days

A tutor may use the following techniques to help you solve a problem:

  • Provide formulas, theorems, or ideas that are needed to solve the problem.
  • Help break the problem down into steps to make the problem easier to understand and solve.
  • Explain or help clarify the concept that is not understood.
  • Show where the mistake was made and how to correct it.
  • Point to an example in the textbook that is similar to the problem.

To use MOLE to submit a question, click on the following link.


To submit feedback on your experience using MOLE, click on the link Feedback MOLE.