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Listen and move. Play and Learn

This is Kindermusik, the most trusted music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. Kindermusik is passionately committed to bringing music into the lives of young children through developmentally appropriate curricula, CDs, books, instruments, and activities for our classes and for family time at home.

It all happens within a nurturing environment full of energy, imagination, music, dancing, and playful delight. Research has proven that early integration of music into your child's life means improving his/her ability to think, create, reason, and express. Active participation in a music program is a powerful stimulant for a child's total human development.

Currently, we are providing Kindermusik classes for children ages 2-6. All classes are led by a trained, licensed Kindermusik instructor. Kindermusik classes are full of adventure and discovery, and it provides the time and tools to help bring the power of music into your home and your child's life.



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Tuition Schedule:

Enrollment Fee ---   $24.00
The enrollment fee is a one time expense.

Monthly Tuition ---  $48.00
The monthly tuition is payment for four classes during the month.

The enrollment fee and first month's tuition are due at the first class.






Meet the Teacher


Pamela Turnage
Director, Community Music School
Teacher, Kindermusik




Our Kindermusik educator is licensed through Kindermusik and has many years of experience in teaching music to young children. Ms. Turnage attended Columbia College and received a BA in Music Education from Limestone College. She has also completed some graduate work at Converse College. Currently, she is the Assistant Director of Music at First Presbyterian Church in Greer, SC where she directs three children's choirs and is the accompanist for the Chancel Choir. She serves as the Director of the Limestone College Community Music School where she also teaches piano. Like all Kindermusik instructors, Ms. Turnage has a love for children, a talent for music, and a passion for bringing them together.




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