Community Music School Studio Policies

Dr. Gena Poovey - Department of Music Chair
Office: 864.488.4509
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Pamela Turnage - Director of Community Music School
Cell 864-838-5435 
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1. The enrollment form with the enrollment fee reserves a space in the Limestone Community School. Monthly tuition is due at the first lesson of each month. Monthly tuition should be given directly to the teacher and made payable to: Limestone College Community Music School.

2. Four weeks notice is required when lessons are discontinued. Students not giving at least four weeks notice before discontinuing lessons will forfeit the enrollment fee. Students that have discontinued lessons must pay all past due fees and complete a new enrollment form before starting lessons again.

3. There will be no refund or reduction in tuition for missed or cancelled lessons. Excused missed lessons will be rescheduled. Excused lessons are for sickness, emergency or if no less than three days notice is given to the teacher. Students will be charged for all unexcused missed lessons. Do not assume that your teacher will know of any conflicts with any band or school sponsored event.

4. Teachers shall notify students in advance of any known conflicts. The lesson should be rescheduled during the same month. Consistency in lessons is a very important part of any private lesson program. Teachers and students shall make every possible effort to schedule four lessons in every month. Any lessons missed due to the teacher's sickness or emergency should be made up during the same month as the originally scheduled lessons. An appropriate adjustment in the following month's tuition shall be made for any lessons missed by the teacher that have not been rescheduled.

5. All lessons, including make-up lessons, shall be scheduled at the mutual convenience of teachers and students.

6. Lessons will be taught as scheduled on teacher-in-service days and school holidays unless rescheduled in accordance with the studio policies. There will be no lessons on days that school is cancelled or dismissed early due to inclement weather except by mutual agreement of teacher and student.

7. The Limestone Community Music School is a twelve month program. Summer schedules may be adjusted to accommodate the teacher and / or student.