Tips for the PETE Major
(Some helpful hints)

FRESHMAN - Grades are important - start your career with a high GPA. Check your LIMESTONE email twice a week. (That is the only way that I will contact you). You want to average 15 - 17 hours per semester. You need to start in the Science portion of your curriculum with Biology 101 and pass it by the end of the first or second semester. English 101 and 102 needs to be completed this year. Fit in Tumbling, Recreational Dance, and Swimming throughout your career. Note: If Dr. Cavanaugh is not your assigned advisor check to make sure through the Registrar you in PETE and asked to be switched.

Get to know Dr. Cavanaugh, Dr. Meyers, and the rest of the Physical Education and Teacher Education Faculty.

SOPHOMORE - FIRST SEMESTER sign up for Principles of Education (ED 200) and, if possible, FOUNDATIONS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION, (PE 200). Take FITNESSGRAM during Foundations. Continue with the science portion. Field and court I, Field and Court II, and Net Games should be completed if possible before methods classes start. Be admitted to Teacher Education. (Go to Education, Admittance to the Teacher Education program. It is a good idea to check this area often as things change). You will need to fill out the forms, three letters of recommendation, 2.5 GPA with 45 credit hours taken, and pass the PRAXIS I (There are learning aides to help you be successful). Get a jump drive and begin to put your work in separate folders. Label the folders and what is in each folder carefully so you know EXACTLY what each item is stored in the folders. Finish a majority of your General Education classes. Start your professional library - get involved with the Majors club - go to a convention. NOTE: If you do not pass the Praxis - you have until the SPRING pre registration of your junior year to pass this test. HOWEVER - YOU WILL BE ADDING TIME TO YOUR TIME AT LIMESTONE.

JUNIOR - FIRST SEMESTER - Take School Health (PE 416) and/or Secondary Physical Education (PE 414). Purchase in the Bookstore LIVETEXT ®. SECOND SEMESTER - Physical Education for the Exceptional Children, (PE 323) and Physical Education for the Elementary (PE314). Make a checklist of classes still needed, double check. Continue building your professional library - get involved with the Majors club - go to a convention or join the South Carolina Education Association (SCEA). Keep track of your observational hours. Apply for Graduation. Apply for Clinical Practice at least 9 months before your Clinical Practice semester (November/April deadlines). I WILL POST IMPORTANT DATES ON MY DOOR.

SENIOR - Start the graduation process by checking with your advisor and the Registrar EARLY. Take School Health and/or Secondary Physical Education. Re-take FITNESSGRAM either in Secondary Physical Education or during Clinical. IF you have satisfied these classes, you may want to take Field Base class. DO NOT miss a semester out of the schools. Start thinking about where (grade level/location) you want to student teach. YOU MUST PASS PRAXIS II AND PLT PRIOR TO STUDENT TEACHING. More information on your clinical practice will be given at a later time. Continue building your professional library - go to a convention.