Religion and Philosophy Program Offerings

Minor in Christian Studies

The Department currently offers a minor in Christian Studies designed to provide students with an academic foundation in the history of Christianity and the canonical Christian scriptures.

The minor in Christian studies requires all students to take a core of four courses:

  • RE221 Old Testament
  • RE222 New Testament
  • RE225 Christian Heritage I
  • RE226 Christian Heritage II

An additional two (2) courses may be selected from the following:

  • RE 201 Science and Religion
  • RE 202 Life and Letters of Paul
  • RE 203 Christian Spiritual Formation 1
  • RE 204 Christian Spiritual Formation 2
  • RE 205 Christian Ethics and Contemporary Issues
  • RE 210 World Religions
  • RE 240 Models and Methods of Christian Leadership
  • RE 301 The Koran and the Bible
  • RE 401H A Study of Jesus