Sport Management Programs & Degrees

General Education

To earn a degree at Limestone College, students must meet a General Education requirement. The General Education requirement covers the basic areas of academic study which the College considers essential for a well educated person.

For the Baccalaureate Degree, the requirements include:

  • 12 semester hours in Social Sciences
  • 18 semester hours in Fine Arts and Humanities
  • 13-14 semester hours in Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • 2 semester hours in Physical Education

In addition to completing the General Education Requirements, a student must complete the following required courses:

  1. Physical Education:
    • Foundations of Physical Education
    • Sport Literature and Communications
    • Sports and History
    • Management of Physical Education, Health, and Sport Programs
    • Psychology of Sport
  2. Business Administration:
    • Financial Accounting
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Principles of Management
    • Business Finance
    • Principles of Marketing Economics
    • Elementary Statistics
    • Microeconomics
  3. Electives (choose two courses):
    • Business Communications
    • Managerial Economics
    • Sport Management Internship
    • Any of several business administration electives listed at the junior level or above


An internship is strongly recommended with a sport-related agency. Examples of areas where recent Limestone College graduates have interned are: professional baseball (Milwaukee Brewers), Y.M.C.A. (Richmond, VA), events management at a university (Tampa, FL), and a fitness center (Gaffney, SC).

Selection of a Major or Minor in Addition to Sport Management

A student may choose to select a second area of concentration if desired, dependent upon career and/or graduate study interests. Frequently chosen areas are in Business Administration, Physical Education, or Coaching.