Students must register with Accessibility before accommodations may be provided. Through an interactive process between Accessibility staff, the student, and review of documentation, an accommodation letter is written and sent electronically to professors. There is never a fee for accommodations.


The purpose of PALS is to provide students with identified learning disabilities which may adversely impact educational performance with opportunities to become successful and independent learners in an academic environment.  It is the responsibility of each student to take advantage of the opportunities provided; PALS only works to the extent the student fully utilizes services.

PALS supports self-advocacy. Students are expected to function independently as mature, responsible adults in fulfilling academic requirements and attaining their scholastic and personal goals. Students are expected to attend all classes and interact with their professors. PALS fosters academic growth through the development of learning strategies focused on student's strengths and compensatory skills.

The most identifying characteristic of being in PALS is that students are not lost in the academic shuffle. Our follow-up system is specifically designed to keep the professors, the PALS team, and the students informed of their progress toward a degree from Limestone College. 

PALS offers a broad spectrum of resources to meet specific needs, which may include:

  • monitoring of student progress
  • academic coaching
  • scheduled consultations to promote organization and time management skills
  • a 1-credit study strategies course each semester
  • academic advising with attention to student's specific learning needs
  • workshops
  • supervised study halls- students are monitored to ensure they stay on task and to offer assistance as needed 
  • weekly and mid-term progress reports
  • personal test proctor

 Tutoring is available to all Limestone College students.