Gaffney, SC Information and Links

Gaffney was founded by Michael Gaffney of Granard, Ireland.  A successful merchant, Gaffney was commissioned by S.C. Gov. Charles Pinckney to form a militia during the War of 1812.

One of Michael Gaffney's descendants, Dean Ross, while attending Clemson University - discovered the Tiger Rag in an Atlanta music store, rearranged it, and established it as the school's longstanding fight song.

The battles of Kings Mountain and Cowpens were major turning points in the War for Independence and led to the British army's retreating to Virginia and subsequently surrendering at Yorktown. The 1780 Battle of Kings Mountain demolished a significant portion of Lord Cornwallis' army and prevented the British from advancing into North Carolina.

A stone from the nearby Limestone Quarry, bearing the coat of arms of the state of South Carolina, is incorporated as the official South Carolina stone in the Washington Monument.

Limestone College was established in 1845 on the site of the Limestone Springs, a natural mineral springs which was thought to have healing powers and attracted visitors from around the world.


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