I.  Name and Purpose

Section 1.  Name
The name of this organization shall be the Limestone College Student Alumni Leadership Council, which shall be referred to as the "Student Alumni Leadership Council," or hereinafter in these articles as "SALC."

Section 2.  Mission Statement
The Student Alumni Leadership Council strives to bridge the gap between students and alumni through diligent service and appropriate presentation of Limestone College.

Section 3.  Purposes
SALC will encourage continued involvement between Limestone College and its alumni as well as prospective students while creating a liaison between the alumni and undergraduates.

SALC will represent Limestone College, her alumni, and prospective students in a variety of capacities and functions in a respectful manner while maintaining a high level of integrity at all times and promoting leadership, honesty, and dedication.

SALC will provide responsible leadership at college and community activities and functions.

SALC will encourage students to continue their affiliation with the college after their graduation.

SALC will improve the quality of Limestone College through professionalism, dedication, and direct partnership with the Office of Institutional Development.

SALC will create an understanding of the Alumni Association purpose.

SALC will make a concerted effort to accomplish and maintain these goals through a social fellowship between its members.

Section 4.  Affiliation
SALC shall be affiliated with and advised by the Alumni Office of Limestone College.

II.  Membership

Section 1.  Selection
Membership selection shall take place in the early part of the fall and spring semesters.

In order to be eligible to be considered for membership in SALC, a student must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA and completed 24 hours, with at least 12 of those hours from Limestone College.

The Membership Committee shall meet prior to the interview process to review all applications.

The Selection Board shall be comprised of the Executive Board, the Membership Chairperson, and Advisors.

SALC must decide whether to renew individual memberships by the end of the school year.

Membership can be terminated based upon unexcused absences and/or lack of participation.

Section 2.  Voting Procedure
The voting will be a non-secret vote by the Selection Board, with the selection requiring a majority.  The advisors will not vote.

Section 3.  Obligations
Attendance at meetings is mandatory for all members, unless they have given an acceptable excuse in advance.

Members must attend at least 6 activities and events per year.

Members must maintain a 2.5 GPA while in SALC.

III.  Election and Duties of Officers

Section 1.  Election
The election of officers will take place in September of each year.  Members must have served at least one semester in SALC in order to be eligible for election as an officer.

Section 2.  President
The President shall be the presiding officer over all meetings and the membership body, serve as the students representative for SALC, establish committees, and Introduce proposed acts or ideas to the Council for consideration.

Section 3.  Vice-President
The Vice-President shall serve as presiding officer in the absence of the President, supervise all committees, maintain communication between the committee chairs and the executive board, and be responsible for all changes to the constitution and parliamentary procedures.

Section 4.  Secretary
The Secretary shall record minutes during meetings, be responsible for an accurate account of membership and participation of events, compose name and phone number list for each member and semester calendars, take up monthly sign-up sheets, and take roll at each meeting.

Section 5.  Treasurer
The Treasurer shall serve as SALC's chief financial officer, be responsible for the annual budget, complete all financial obligations, coordinate fund-raising activities, write memos for each financial activity, and provide reports of financial activities to the Executive Board.

Section 6.  Membership Chairperson
The Membership Chairperson shall prepare and distribute applications for membership each semester, schedule interviews, provide members of the Selection Board with equal information on each candidate, and serve on the membership Selection Board.

Section 7.  Advisors
The Advisors shall be employed by the Alumni Office of Limestone College, conduct grade checks of prospective members before interviews, and serve as non-voting members of the Executive Board.

IV.  Organization

Section 1.  Amendments
Amendments to the Constitution shall take place only by a two-thirds vote by the entire membership body.

Section 2.  Meetings
The meetings shall be guided by accepted Parliamentary Procedures and take place three times a semester, unless otherwise noted.