The AWE Initiative

Limestone College has recently initiated a Quality Enhancement Plan entitled Achieving Writing Excellence (AWE).The mission of AWE is to improve students' lives through writing excellence. The focus of the Quality Enhancement Plan is to strengthen students’ writing skills over the next five years, particularly in the Writing in the Disciplines (WID) program, by enhancing instruction in “Writing Intensive” (WI) courses and providing additional academic support through an online Writing Center. Limestone College’s internal assessment activities had demonstrated the need for a focus on improving student writing, and the college community was supportive of the focus for the plan.

All faculty and staff are encouraged to support and participate in this very important initiative. One of the first goals of the plan is to bring awareness to the entire Limestone community. Everyone, especially students, should be cognizant of AWE and its goals.

Strategies will include:

  • Intensive semester-long faculty seminars on enhancing writing instruction in the disciplines for faculty who teach WI courses
  • Expansion of the Writing Center to include on-line peer tutoring in the Limestone College Online Writing Center (LC OWL) for students who are not located on the main campus
  • Departmental re-assessment of the WI courses required for each major
  • Enrollment caps for WI courses to allow for incorporation of “writing as a process” pedagogy
  • Alignment of instruction in those WI courses to reflect best practices
  • Enhanced departmental assessment of student writing in the disciplines
  • Guest Speakers / programs to highlight the importance of writing in various careers

A Quality Enhancement Plan is required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a part of Limestone’s reaffirmation process. More information and further developments about this program will be provided this summer and at the beginning of the fall semester. Questions should be directed to Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Karen Gainey.


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