Vocational Rehabilitation & Company Information

Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and company invoiced students are invoiced each month after the current session tuition and book is applied.   Limestone College must have a current 1905 on file or have a current company letter attached to your payment form for each session that is to be invoiced in order to bill Vocational Rehab or your employer for that session.  Once Limestone College invoices, Vocational Rehabilitation or your employer must complete their paperwork before releasing any funds to pay the invoices.  This can take up to 30 days or even longer.  If you are receiving financial aid such as loans, pell or seog along with the 1905 or company letter, the financial aid funds will be used to pay for your account balance if vocational rehabilitation or your employer has not paid your account in full at the time of the refund disbursements.  Once Vocational Rehabilitation or your employer makes payment and you show a credit on your account you will receive a refund according to the refund schedule.  Students using company reimbursement only have 90 days from the date the course begins to make payment on the account.  There is limit to 3 courses being due at one time. In order to use company reimbursement the student must provide a current company letter on letter head showing what the company is reimbursing (tuition, books, labs, etc), the amount of the reimbursement, and a contact name and number for the company.  The letter must be dated July 1 or later of the current school year.  This letter must be attached to your payment form for each class that you are using company reimbursement as a method of payment.