New Online Course Offering Development Process

In order to ensure a high level of quality for online courses being offered at Limestone College, this policy addresses the required steps for a full-time faculty member, acting as a course designer, to follow in order to be able to offer a course in the online format for the first time, including both new or existing courses listed in the college catalog.

Phase 1 – Approval and Course Information Submission:

In order to begin developing a class to be delivered in an online format for the first time, the course designer must submit the following approvals/certifications and course information to the Online Course Quality (OCQ) Committee:

  1. Curriculum Committee Approval to list the class in the college catalog.
    1. New Courses not listed in the current course catalog require documentation from the Curriculum Committee showing approval.
    2. Courses listed in the current course catalog, but not currently being taught in an online format do not require Curriculum Committee approval.
  2. Department, Division, and Teacher Education Committee (as appropriate) Approval to offer the course in an online format.
  3. ECI Program approval showing that the course will provide the necessary demand from students to ensure that it will be offered.
  4. Certification that the course designer has completed the online course training module provided by the ECI Blackboard Trainers
  5. The following course information:
    1. Rationale for online delivery
    2. Sample Syllabus
    3. Anticipated enrollment per term
    4. Anticipated number of terms offered per academic year
    5. Earliest anticipated course offering

Upon receipt of the above information, the OCQ committee will seek final approval from the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) before continuing with the development process.

Phase 2 – Online Course Development:

After receiving approval from the VPAA, the OCQ Committee will request that a master shell be created for the course, and that the course designer begin course development via the following process:

  1. Build a master Blackboard course for the course
  2. Present the master Blackboard course to the OCQ Committee
    1. If the OCQ Committee recommends changes to the blackboard course, the course designer will be asked to make the changes and present to the OCQ committee again.
  3. When the OCQ committee approves the blackboard master course, the OCQ committee will communicate their final approval to the ECI Program.
  4. Upon receipt of the OCQ committee approval, the ECI program will be able to offer the course in the online course schedule.

Phase 3 – Initial course evaluation and feedback

The OCQ committee will request that the new online course be evaluated for both course design and instructor delivery for the first two times that the course is offered.

  • If the course evaluations contain feedback on course design or the instructor content delivery, the course evaluations will continue until 2 consecutive positive evaluations are returned.
  • If the course evaluations are positive then the course will be evaluated once every 2 years.