Limestone College’s Women in Technology and Science (WITS) Conferences  are offered in conjunction with high schools in the Upstate. Limestone College invites sophomore and junior young women to participate in a day devoted to introducing them to careers in scientific, technological, and health-related fields.  

Today, many of the best career paths leading to high paying jobs are in fields more and more open to women to pursue.  During the WITS Conferences, Limestone College’s women faculty in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and athletic training provide students with introductions to college-level studies in these disciplines as well as information about career paths for women who major in these fields.  They are also mentored throughout the day by Limestone’s brightest women students in the sciences, soon to begin their own careers.

Limestone is ideally suited to offer the WITS program, given its heritage as a school dedicated since its founding, in 1845, to the education of women; and, secondly, to its strong corps of women faculty in biology (with pre-health science majors), computer science, mathematics, and athletic training.


IMG 0292The program aims:

1) To inform high school sophomore and junior young women about the opportunities for careers in the scientific, technological, and health-related disciplines; 

2) To encourage these high school students to pursue scientific and technological careers in industry, health, and higher education.  

Underlying these two goals is the knowledge that women are still
under-represented in these fields.


Named in honor of one of Limestone’s longtime professors, Montague McMillan, this scholarship program for young women was established in 2012 for full-time students in the traditional day program who graduate from high school with GPAs of 3.0 or higher.  These young women will be eligible for an annual scholarship of $8000. McMillan Scholars will retain the scholarship as long as they remain in good academic standing at the college. 

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