BS - Business Administration/General Business

The Business Administration/General Business degree requires a minimum of 123 semester hours and completion of course requirements with a 2.0 GPA.

17 major courses to include the following:

Required Courses (10 Courses)

  • BA207 Financial Accounting
  • *BA208 Managerial Accounting
  • BA300 Principles of Management
  • BA310 Ethical Issuses in Workplace
  • *BA312 Business Finance
  • BA315 Business Law I
  • BA341 Principles of Marketing
  • *BA452 Business Policy
  • EC203 Microeconomics
  • EC204 Macroeconomics
  • *MA115 College Algebra
  • *BA/MA200 Elementary Statistics
  • CST102 Microcomputer Applications
General Business Concentration
  • (CHOOSES 5 courses from BUSINESS or  ECONOMICS courses in the current catalog  at least 3 courses must be at 300 level or above)
(*) prerequisites required

12 General Education courses include the following:

Fine Arts and Humanities (10 Courses)

  • EN091 Develop Writing (if needed)
  • *EN101 Freshman Composition
  • *EN102 Expository Prose
  • EN105 Speech
  • One Literature Course
  • One Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Drama   Appreciation, Theatre Arts, or Foreign Language Course

Social Sciences (4 Courses)

  • Two History Course 
    (HI110, 111, 112, 113, or 214)
  • Two Courses From List Below: 
    One Course From TWO Different Areas
  • Geography
  • International Studies
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Work 206

Science and Mathematics (3/2 Courses)

  • MA091 Algebra I (if needed)
  • Two Science Courses 
    One Science Course (4SH) 
    Any Science (including Computer 

(*) prerequisites required

12 General Electives are also needed.

  • (any Limestone College or Transfer courses that are not needed in the major or in general education)