Delivery of Internet Course

The difference in the delivery of a internet course and a classroom course is the separation of the student and the professor.  All lectures and assignments are delivered to the student via the Internet.  The student completes assignments, both reading and written, at a computer with an Internet connection.  The student uses a textbook and the Internet as references in completing assignments.

The methodologies vary with the professor.  Some professors have very detailed lectures on the Internet; some use detailed Internet links; some use course work designed by textbook publishers; some use exercises, practices, or tutorials; and others only have reading assignments.  The student completes written assignments and sends them to the professor via email.  The professor will respond to the student via email.  There are no specific times that the student must be online, but normally the professor will have specific "office hours" available for discussion with students.  The student will be required to take online proctored exams.  These proctors will be approved by the College.  Once all required assignments are completed, the professor will assign the grade the student has earned and mail the results to the College.  Limestone College will mail a grade report to the student.