Health & Wellness

Is there a campus nurse?

A nurse is available during posted hours. All illnesses should be reported to the nurse or the Office of Student Services. The Office of Student Services will assist students in coordinating their care, which may include being sent home, to a local doctor, or, if the illness is serious, to the local hospital. The expense for medical treatment from local providers is the responsibility of the student.

Must a student purchase health insurance to be eligible for services?

No, but health insurance is highly recommended, due to doctors' fees or x-rays and lab work cost. It is advised that parents check their health insurance to determine if their son or daughter is covered under a parent's policy while enrolled as a college student.

Is there a charge for health services?

There is no charge for normal services, but there is a charge for immunizations.

Do you administer allergy shots?

If a student needs allergy injections on a regular basis, he/she is required to bring a written doctor's order that states that the Campus Nurse may administer the injection and a dosage schedule. The nurse can only administer allergy injections if the student has previously re­ceived them for at least six months. The medication may be stored in the Health Center.

Will I be notified if my son or daughter is ill?

Yes, as long as your student has signed the Parental Notification clause on the Health Form.

If my child is sick, what doctor should he/she go to?

Our consulting physicians at Limestone College are:

1) Dr. Sam Swad at 1506 N. Limestone St., Gaffney, South Carolina, 29340. The phone number is 864-487-4451.

New students will be charged a 'new patient' fee, and any routine visits after that will be the normal office fee plus x-rays and lab work if needed. The student is expected to pay any insurance deductible at the time of service.

The following are also available:

1) Upstate Carolina Medical Center (local hospital)

1530 N. Limestone St.
Gaffney, SC 29340
Phone: 864-487-4271

What if my son or daughter needs to go to the doctor's office, but doesn't have a car?

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from off-campus medical/psychological providers. Most students have cars or can arrange transportation through friends. If a student cannot secure transportation, then he/she may contact the Health Center or the Office of Student Services. A taxi voucher will be provided by either of these departments.