Searching KATE Online Catalog

Basic Searching

·        Type in search terms; the system ignores capitalization and punctuation

·        Choose between words or phrase, author, title, subject, series, or periodical title by selecting the drop-down boxes.

·        Select Search Catalog.


Power Search Tab – This provides the option to use words in a combination (ex: author and subject)

Call No. Browse – To see brief records of the material surrounding a particular item, enter than call number in this option.

For best results, use the Go Back image006buttons at the top of the screen, not the internet provider’s buttons. There is a scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen that will allow you to move up and down the screen.

The location of the material within the Library is indicated with the copy information in the brief record or under “Copy Material Location” on the Full record. Generally, things listed in stacks are on the top floor, reference items are on the main floor.  Curriculum and JUV indicates items located in the basement. 

The call number is located in blue at the top of each brief view, and at the top and bottom of each full view.  Be sure to check the location as well. In the record, the call number may look similar to

            M100 .A87

On the shelf, however, the call numbers are written up and down and arranged like so:




EB at the end of a call number indicates an Electronic Book.  When in full view you can access the electronic book by selecting the “An electronic book accessible through the World Wide Web; click for information” link at the bottom. 

Further help with call numbers can be found in the Understanding Call Numbers guide.

Can’t find the book?

Recheck the call number and location first.  If you are still unsuccessful, go to the Circulation/Reference Desk and ask for help.  If you are off-campus use our Ask A Librarian form. 


For a tutorial, please select the Searching the KATE Catalog tutorial, found on the Library's tutorial page .