Residency Weekends

At Limestone College, we strive to equip graduates with the knowledge and skillset needed to thrive in a competitive business environment. Our innovative curriculum is comprised of targeted instruction delivered by a world-class faculty, many of whom hold a Ph.D. in a business-related field. It is also includes three strategic on-campus residency weekends, foundational learning opportunities to network face-to-face with fellow students and faculty.

Designed to minimize time off work, these residency weekends run from 2:00 pm on Friday to 1:00 pm on Sunday and are offered at the beginning, middle and end of the program.Montgomery Hall

During the weekend, you not only have the opportunity to network but also secure critical knowledge that will be key to your success in our program, including:

  • Fundamentals of writing a research paper in the APA format
  • Our case study methodology
  • How to use our learning databases to your advantage
  • How to access core learning tools from an off-campus location

Residency weekends will add immeasurably to your learning experience, helping you acquire highly sought-after skills of collaboration and teamwork while creating a strong network of connections with your faculty and peers as you advance through the program together. Each residency weekend counts for one credit hour towards our 36-hour program.