Program Curriculum

Limestone College offers an innovative online MBA program designed for working professionals. Flexible online classes provide learning opportunities day or night and group work coupled with three strategic on-site residency weekends provide foundational learning opportunities while interacting with peers and faculty. The residency weekends are held at the beginning, middle and end of the program.

Course Descriptions

BA501 Group Dynamics (1 Credit)

This course provides students with an understanding of the fundamental theory of teamwork.  After this course, students should understand and be able to articulate the issues surrounding teamwork and how it can be used to lead to increased performance and productivity.  The course also concentrates on how different management skills and techniques affect group dynamics.  To be successful in today's business environment, as stated in the program goals, business leaders need knowledge and skill in productivity and teamwork.


BA520  Organizational Theory and Behavior

Organizational Theory and Behavior familiarizes students with the principles of human behavior that effective managers utilize when managing individuals and groups within the organization.  Students will investigate and practice theories relating to individual differences in abilities and attitudes, attribution, motivation, conflict resolution, organizational culture as well as organizational structure and design.  Students will be required to become familiar with relevant research in the field.  A solid grounding in Organizational Theory & Behavior will help today's business leaders be successful.  This matches with the stated program goal.  Prerequisite:  BA501


BA530  Marketing Management

In this course, students examine the character and importance of the marketing process, its essential functions, and the institutions exercising these functions.  Students will be required to become familiar with relevant research in the field.  Through various case work and problem solving exercises, students will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the social, economic, and political implications of various marketing philosophies.  Marketing is a vital aspect of all business environments.  To be successful in today's business world, business leaders need knowledge of how to manage marketing activities. Prerequisite:  BA501


BA540 Organizational Ethics

This course presents the theory and practical application of ethics in organizations along with the numerous issues and nuances surrounding ethical dilemmas.  Through current case studies, students will demonstrate knowledge of an organization's stakeholders and the various ethical conflicts inherent in the global marketplace.  An ethical relationship between the business world and society is a very important role in today's business market.  Prerequisite:  BA501


MA550 Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Methods is an applications course focused on problem-solving techniques.  Students will demonstrate and apply analytical tools such as queuing, optimum values, linear modes, six sigma, statistical inference, probabilities, and regression analysis.  Using quantitative methods makes it possible to give precise and testable expression to qualitative ideas.  Prerequisite:  BA501


BA560 Legal Issues in Business

This course provides information on secondary stakeholders as well as legal issues surrounding global businesses.  Through various case studies, students will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the judicial system, government policies, the requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, current anti-trust legislation, and labor laws.  Students will be required to become familiar with relevant research in the field.  Starting, running, and working in the business world requires understanding laws that govern business.  Prerequisites:  BA501 & BA540


BA/EC570       Managerial Economics

The application of economic principles to managerial decision making is reviewed.  The course addresses the importance of understanding the framework of economics and how it can be used to develop an intelligent, ongoing interest in the problems encountered in the management of the private sector.  Topics include demand analysis and consumer behavior, empirical cost analysis, pricing practices, market structures and public policy issues.  A problem solving and case study approach is used.  Almost any business decision can be analyzed with managerial economics techniques.  Prerequisite:  MA550


BA601 Group Dynamics II (1 Credit)

This course extends the student's knowledge of teams by focusing on the internal dynamics of teams.  Through various case studies, students will demonstrate an awareness of team design, various communications methods, and strategies for handling conflict in the global marketplace.  Prerequisite:  BA501


BA610   Managerial Accounting

This course emphasizes the rationale for and implications of accounting concepts and reports to managers.  Through this course, students will successfully be able to interpret, analyze, and evaluate published financial statements with the goal of developing future recommendations for the company.  Management Accounting provides managers within business organizations with the basis in making informed business decisions in management. Prerequisite:  MA550


BA620  Supply Chain Management

This course focuses on the strategies used in the development and management of national and global supply chains. Through this course, students will be able to take a systems approach and analyze the supply chain system to maximize efficiencies and limit costs. Prerequisites:  BA520 & MA550


BA640 Corporate Financial Management

Corporate Financial Management expands on previous coursework and focuses on capital budgeting, cost of capital analysis, return on investments, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and bankruptcy proceedings.  Through case studies and problem solving students will demonstrate proper techniques used in financial analysis and planning.  Corporate Financial Management is needed to make decisions in the business would that would enhance corporate value, without taking excessive financial risks.  Prerequisite:  MA550


BA650  Leadership & Change

This course concentrates on a critical analysis of the various leadership theories between leaders and followers.  Using case studies, students will demonstrate an understanding of leaders and leadership as well as creating a vision, developing and implementing strategies for implementing that vision, and employee empowerment and motivation.  This is a need in the business world to motivate, hire, communicate, retain, inspire, discipline, evaluate and coach employees. Prerequisite: BA520


BA670  Strategic Management

As the capstone course, this course offers a convergence of previous learning in the program.  Through this course, students will demonstrate through various case studies a command of previous coursework through application of multifunctional approaches to the issues in the global economy.   Prerequisites:  BA501, BA520 BA530, MA550, BA560, EC570, BA601, BA610, & BA640



BA680  Group Dynamics III (1 Credit)

This course highlights the benefits of social capital, networking, and inter-team relations.  Students will be required to become familiar with relevant research in the field.  Through various case studies, students will demonstrate an understanding of the potential conflicts and strategies for enhancing teamwork across and between organizations or corporations.  In addition, students will take a comprehensive standardized exam that will include the content covered in the MBA program. Prerequisite:  BA670