Mission and Goals

Our Mission

In an environment that encourages learning and inquiry, the Eastwood Library's mission is to employ resources and services that support Limestone College's programs and goals.

Our Goals

  • The library will secure and organize information resources in a variety of formats to adequately support the curricula of the College.
  • The library will provide students instruction in research skills to promote lifelong use and learning.
  • The library will provide a staff of qualified librarians and skilled support personnel who will seek continual professional development and training.
  • The library will provide sufficient facilities, space and equipment conducive to study, research and instruction ensuring the safety and security of library users, personnel and resources.
  • The library will participate in appropriate cooperative programs expanding access to resources and services at a reasonable cost.


AJ Eastwood Library Staff
Lizah Ismail, Director Janet Ward, Asst Director Stevesmall Susan Moore, Instruction/Archives Katie Carpenter Christine McSwain Blanche Luker, Library Assistant