Customer Complaint Process

As an accredited institution, Limestone College adheres to ethical standards and our stated policies in the delivery of our programs and services. Students are encouraged to become familiar with the College’s policies and procedures that can be found in the Gaslight Student Handbook and/or the current College Catalog. These publications outline the means by which students may request permitted exemptions from these policies and the ways in which administrative  and academic decisions may be appealed.

In the event that students believe they have been unfairly treated or have issues with the College that cannot be resolved by the methods outlined in the College’s publications, they have the right to contact our accrediting agencies and/or various state and other governmental agencies.

Limestone College is currently working cooperatively with the higher education authorities in all 50 states and other U.S. jurisdictions to ensure compliance with any authorization requirements. Limestone will continue to monitor developments in the laws of these jurisdictions in which it enrolls students and, if authorization or licensure is or becomes necessary, will obtain such additional approvals.

Below is contact information for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S territories and should not be construed as a complete list of states/agencies regulating Limestone College. Through the relevant agencies or Attorneys General Offices, complaints can be accepted regardless of whether Limestone College is required to be registered in that jurisdiction. Limestone College has made a reasonable effort to ensure that this list is accurate.  However, if you have any questions or encounter any problems contacting the appropriate agency, please call the College’s Office of Academic Affairs (864) 489-7151 EXT. 4504.