Welcome to Limestone's Online Course Quality Initiative

Limestone College's Extended Campus Internet (ECI) program is an established part of its academic offerings, which began in 1996.  While work on the program's quality has been ongoing throughout the years, in 2012, the Online Course Quality Committee was formed and consists of members representing Limestone's Academic Faculty, ECI Administration, and Online Training.

The committee's mission is to develop and maintain policies and procedures for ensuring that Limestone's online/hybrid courses meet high standards for instructional design and delivery.

The committee's goals are to develop and maintain:

  1. Process(es) for the development and approval of Online/Hybrid Courses.
  2. Process(es) for online/hybrid course evaluation by peers and supervisors
  3. Process(es) including a timeline to ensure online/hybrid courses are revised/updated to ensure content currency and application of technology
  4. Best practices/criteria for quality online/hybrid course design
  5. Expectations for faculty teaching online/hybrid courses
  6. Guidelines for faculty training and development in online pedagogy.

This web page will serve as a place for the committee to communicate and house information and documents pertaining to the committee's mission and goals.

Completed Processes: