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Leadership opportunities are at your fingertips at Limestone. Student organizations such as the Student Government Association and the Student Alumni Leadership Council provide students with prime opportunities to hone their leadership skills. Following Robert's Rules of Order, making important speeches, and networking prepares students for leadership roles in life after college.

Athletics is a big part of the Limestone Community, and whether you're an athlete or a fan, you can participate. The College boasts 22 intercollegiate teams, and students receive free admission to athletic events. With this much access, students can't help but to take part on some level. "Go Saints!"

Performing Arts
Is singing, playing an instrument, or acting your passion? Limestone has it all. You may sing in the Community Chorus, play in the Jazz Band, or audition for an upcoming production. Even if you simply have an appreciation for the performing arts, you can enjoy what Limestone has to offer.

Community Service
At Limestone, we are committed to making our campus, our community, and our world a better place through community service.Limestone students volunteer at the Cherokee Children's Home and through the Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge. They raise money for Disaster Relief Funds and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. They donate toys at the Annual Rock'n Bowl Christmas Event, and they participate in community beautifi cation through Adopt-A-Highway. Whatever your interest, the Offi ce of Student Services is dedicated to help fi nd the right community service project for you.

Campus Activities
Most of a student's time at college is spent out of the classroom, not in it. Do students at Limestone sit and twiddle their thumbs as a result? No. The Offi ce of Student Services, Limestone Activities Board, Student Government, and other Campus Organizations keep students busy with a host of activities and events throughout the year. One of our most popular events, Earth Day, is an annual event full of food, music, and novelty acts. Other popular events include Coffee House nights, concerts, and movie nights.

Athlete or not, physical exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. At Limestone, intramural events give all students an opportunity to compete in various activities, while getting some exercise as well. Intramural events include billiards, bowling, ping pong, sand volleyball, and 3 on 3 basketball. Whether you are looking for some low intensity exercise or for heavy competition, there's something for everyone.

Whatever your interest, there is a student organization for you. From outdoor recreation to politics, Limestone offers numerous organizations to keep students involved. We are more than willing to help you fi nd the best organization for you. Can't fi nd what you're looking for - create your own student organization! Contact us to find how to get involved.