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College Strengthens Emergency Protocols
Alert Notification System, Website Helps Keep Limestone Community Safe

Recent tragic events have forced colleges across the country to re-evaluate the way they provide a safe environment for the college community. Limestone is no different.

Over the past year, we have greatly strengthened our emergency protocols and communications so we can best use the resources and services available. That includes the addition of these emergency information web pages, which can assist you in preparation for and during a campus emergency. Please review the pages linked on the side as well as those links from the Emergency Response Guide.

In the event of a pending or ongoing emergency, the top of each page will change from green (normal) to orange (on alert) or red (emergency). This page will be an online resource for campus crisis management and information.

If you are Gaffney campus (day or evening) student or a member of the faculty/staff, we strongly encourage you to log in to our new Limestone Alert System (LAS) and register your own password (it's 0000 by default) and update all contact information for your communications devices (landlines, emails, and mobile phones). 
With proper knowledge and communication, you and rest of the Limestone community can better survive a crisis.