Student Health

The Health Center is located on the 1st floor of the Dixie Lodge/Dobson Student Center. The center offers basic medical service to students, faculty and staff of Limestone College. Students with chronic conditions are advised to work with a medical practitioner in the Gaffney area, who can monitor their long-term needs.

The Health Center assists students with minor illnesses and offers some lab tests, and vaccines. A nurse is available during Health Center hours; students also have access to two consulting physicians, Dr. Todd Morgan and Dr. Charles Stroup, for needed appointments. Resident Assistants or Resident Directors can contact the nurse after hours, if needed.

In order to give proper attention to students' physical and emotional health needs, the following policy will be observed:

A "Medical History & Physical Examination" form provided by the Office of Student Services must be completed along with a medical examination by the student's family physician prior to enrolling at Limestone College. The health form should be returned directly to the Campus Nurse. This information could be vital in the event of a medical emergency and is necessary before any student can use the College's Health Center. State Law requires all students enrolled in public or private educational institutions to show proof of immunizations before enrollment. All students at Limestone should provide a copy of their immunization records with their "Medical History and Physical Examination" form to the Campus Nurse before registration. Failure to do so will result in a student not being allowed to register.

Our Health Center is required by law to protect the privacy of your personal health information. Upon request, the College will provide you with information about our practices.

In the case of an emergency, students living in a residence hall should promptly report serious illness or injury to an RA or RD; the student should then immediately go to the emergency room at Upstate Carolina Medical Center or call 911.

The College assumes NO responsibility for the charges incurred by the student for services rendered by the doctor or the hospital.

See the College nurse for information on vaccines, medicines, and available tests in the Health Center.


Students Click Here to read Student Health 101.

Parents Click Here to read Student Health 101.

Other Services Offered:


Early Intervention

Early intervention is the key to quick recovery! Students are urged to visit the nurse at the first sign of illness. The Health Center does stock over-the-counter medications for colds, headaches, etc. However, if a cold or headache strikes in the evening or on weekends, when the center is closed, students may want to have on hand the following items:

  • Basic first aid kit
  • Over-the-counter pain medications (per your preference)
  • Extra prescriptions for eyeglasses or contacts
  • Cold or allergy medicine
  • Thermometer


Health Insurance

All full-time students are required to carry some form of health insurance. Each student should have proper insurance identification when he or she comes to Limestone.

For those who already have insurance, please review your policy carefully to determine coverage for any illnesses or injuries that may require services while attending Limestone College. Students are responsible for all charges incurred by off-campus providers. If your plan is an HMO or other managed health care plan, your student may be covered only for emergency medical treatment. Any other follow-up visits or treatments are subject to your insurance deductibles and guidelines.

Class Excuses

When patients come to the center, they are provided documentation to verify the date and time they were seen in the center. This is the only documentation provided. The service does not issue class excuses. Students are urged to contact their professors immediately when an illness or accident prevents them from attending class and to present their verification forms to their professors immediately upon returning. Occasionally, students who become ill may be required to go home for a few days to speed recovery and/or minimize exposure to other students. In this event, the nurse will contact the Academic Dean, who will notify professors. Students are responsible for making up all work missed.


Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from off-campus medical/psychological providers. Most students have cars or can arrange transportation through friends. If a student cannot secure transportation, he/she may contact the Health Center or the Office of Student Services. A cab voucher can be provided by either of these departments.