Student Government Association

About us

The Student Government Association (SGA) of Limestone College has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1898. The purpose of the SGA is to serve as a laboratory for the development of leadership and organizational skills, attitudes, and methods of democratic citizenship. All day students on the Gaffney Campus are members of SGA and may choose to run for election as executive or class officers or to serve on the Limestone Activities Board (LAB). Student concerns are addressed by SGA and various activities, including dances and concerts, are projects of the LAB. The Student Government Association is an organization provided by the College Administration for the day students on the Gaffney Campus of Limestone College. The officers of the SGA are elected representatives of their campus constituents. As an agency of the College, SGA follows the same rules, regulations, and financial procedures as all other offices of the College. The SGA is a registered organization which requires a constitution.


It is the goal of Student Government to promote student unity through various events and social gatherings. We strive to create a stronger and more unified student body on campus with the intentions of hosting events in which the student body wishes to participate.