Teacher Education FAQs

When can I declare a major in education?

You cand declare a major at any time in the registrar's office.

What exams do I have to take to be admitted into the Teacher Education Program?

You have to take and pass Praxis I: Reading (score: 175), Writing (score: 173), and Math (score 172). You can take either the paper or computer-based tests. See to register or schedule and appointment. The Greenville or Rock Hill centers are the nearest Limestone for the computer-based tests. You can get help with Praxis I by using the Plato software. Go to and register. The Plato registration instructions are under Candidate Resources on the Teacher Education website.

How many hours do I have to have to apply to the Teacher Education Program?

You must have 45 credit hours with a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

How many recommendation letters do I have to have to apply for the Teacher Education Program?

You must have three sastisfactory recommendation letters or recommendation forms to apply.

When do I get to go into a classroom?

You begin your first field experience in ED200 Principles of Education. You must complete 20 hours of observation and earn a grade of at least C to continue in your education program.

Once I'm accepted into the program how do I apply for Clinical Practice?

See your advisor or the Teacher Education website and fill out an application. Give it to your advisor and he or she will help you with the rest. You will have to have a dispositions survey completed as well. You find that on the website too.

How many hours of field experience are required?

Each program is different. You will need to talk to your advisor for your program's requirements.

Which Praxis II exams are required for my program?

See for exams and required scores. All passing scores are due to the Office of Teacher Education the day before Clinical Practice Orientation or you will not be allowed to student teach.

Where is the Office of Teacher Education located?

Dixie 309 (Go to the third floor of the building where you get your mail.) It is located behind Curtis which is the big white building.

If I can't reach my advisor, who can I talk to about my program and requirements?

For Elementary Education see Dr. Ann Wyatt, Mr. Archie Fowler, Dr. Penny Saurino, or Dr. Shelly Meyers.

For English Education see Dr. Bob Honeman.

For Music Educaton see Dr. Doug Presley.

For Physical Education see Dr. Cindy Cavanaugh or Ms. Rhonda Fleming.

For Math Education see Mr. Jerry Wright.

All candidates are also welcome to come to the Office of Teacher Education for questions and information as well. Dr. Meyers can be reached at ext. 8207 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .